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sShrine Gold Tours’ two directors live in machu picchu, mexico but they are germans with an enthusiasm for Peru. Once they visited one another and decided to share ideas about the tourism sector in machu picchu, how it is being done in that time, how it can be changed, how environmental sustainability could play an important role in it .It was soon agreed that they would work together and take shrine gold Tours to the next step.

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Everyone needs to travel  without complications, without troubles. Shrine gold Tours maintains firm emphasis on quality to achieve this. You can expect us to render an outstanding service. We collaborate with service providers that have an exceptional past record, and the same for restaurants.


Page Expert tours provides secure and timely bookings, with precise and immediate benefit. All of this is based on our own success for the tours that we run ourselves and the conscientious selection of local travel agencies. Ensure they are trustworthy and have an exalted position.